Slovakia rejects UN migration pact

Slovakia rejects UN migration pact

Slovakia rejects UN migration pact.

Visegrad Group is united against the UN Migration Compact as Slovakia defies Brussels and Emmanuel Macron to reject the Pact.

“Slovakia will not support this United Nations pact under any circumstances and will not agree with it,” PM Pellegrini told reporters in Brussels.

”Slovakia doesn’t agree that there is no difference between legal and illegal migration, and we consider economic migration to be illegal, harmful and a security risk,” he added.

The Slovak PM added that “if the participation of any Slovak representative automatically means joining the Marrakesh protocol, no one, including (Foreign) Minister (Miroslav Lajcak), will attend the meeting in Marrakech on behalf of Slovakia.”

Lajčák, a supporter and one of the creators of the UN document, had earlier said he would resign if Slovakia decided not to endorse the document. “It is a non-European attitude,” said Lajčák earlier in reaction to Austria and Hungary.

Lajčák should honor his pledge and resign, despite Pellegrini’s attempt to persuade him to stay. Lajčák’s loyalties appear to be with the UN and its stakeholders, and his personal beliefs may prevent him from properly performing his duties for the best interests of Slovakia. (Please read more about Lajčák and UN debate in Slovakia below.)

Slovakia not only rejected the UN Pact, but they also refused to ratify the Istanbul Convention earlier this year. Great job!

Will Slovakia follow its Central European neighbors and reject the UN Migration Compact?