Slovakia and Robert Fico rebuffed by EU Core over the European Medicines Agency (EMA).

Slovakia and Robert Fico rebuffed by EU Core over the European Medicines Agency (EMA).

* Slovakia rebuffed by the EU Core over the European Medicines Agency (EMA). PM Robert Fico is not happy with his new partners in Brussels, but this is what happens when one sells his Soul to Juncker and Tusk.

** Brussels and Berlin want to use Fico as their new “point man” to try to divide Visegrad. However, Robert Fico must realize this comes with a price. EU Core members will be expected to participate in the “migration solidarity” of Brussels. We don’t see this flawed relationship lasting very long. Slovakians view Visegrad and Central Europe as their “core”, not France and Belgium.

*** The linked article below is from the pro-EU Slovak Spectator and is a somewhat laughable attempt to minimize the damage. Notice some of their sources come from the usual suspects employed by German “think tanks” who have a vested interest in isolating Hungary and Poland.

Considered one of the frontrunners to host the prestigious European Union’s medicines agency, which will leave London following Brexit, Slovakia did not receive enough votes to even progress to the second round of a secret ballot carried out at a General Affairs Council session in Brussels on November 20, and lost fight over the European Medicines Agency (EMA) to Amsterdam.

Slovakia’s representatives were disappointed by the results and complained that Slovakia still does not have any EU agency in its territory.

“We are convinced EU citizens from newer member states expect an important sign that even new member states would be given the opportunity to demonstrate their readiness to host such an important agency as the EMA,” said Peter Susko, spokesperson of the Foreign Affairs Ministry, as quoted by the TASR newswire.

Health Minister Tomáš Drucker (Smer nominee) was also disappointed by the vote.

“I would like to sincerely thank the V4 countries and other member states that supported us,” Drucker said, as quoted by the Sme daily. “I’m disappointed that the best bids did not make it to the second round along with any of the new EU countries.”

Prime Minister Robert Fico particularly criticised how the big EU countries voted. Get used to it, Robert!

On the contrary, Milan Nič, analyst for the “German Council on Foreign Relations”, does not see Slovakia’s result as bad.

“Small countries rarely have as many triumphs and as much support as stronger ones,” Nič told The Slovak Spectator, adding there were many factors against Slovakia’s bid.

In his opinion, it is not a shame to lose to the Netherlands. We think EU Minister Fran Timmermans would agree.

Such “depth” from a German “think tanker” who seems to have taken on a role similar for Slovakia to that of Vladimir Spidla for the Czech Republic. Whenever Berlin needs a lobbyist, they can usually find some political opportunists to count on.

It was this same Milan Nič who claimed Visegrad failed as a “counterweight” to Brussels. This after Viktor Orban and Visegrad changed the entire debate on immigration in Europe, forced Germany to altar their positions on migration and defeated and defied the EU scheme on forced relocation quotas. Merkel is now dependent on Visegrad and the CEDC to secure Germany’s border.

We think the new “counterweight” throws a strong punch and provided a heavy dose of reality for Angela Merkel …..and the new coalition in Austria is much closer to Visegrad’s position on migration than Brussels.

The Winds of Change are emerging from Central Europe and there is little France or Germany can do to stop this new mainstream rebellion rising up to defend their culture and way of life.

Robert Fico may soon find himself isolated with Donald Tusk.