Slovenia: A nice “rest stop” for illegals on their journey.

Slovenia:  A nice “rest stop” for illegals on their journey.

Slovenia: A nice “rest stop” for illegals on their journey.

This migration madness is very strange and abnormal. It is now the ‘new normal’ for aggressive males from alien and violent cultures to “roam” the streets of Europe.

The surrender continues…

– “We don’t need to whisper. Everyone knows that people don’t stay at Vič,” says one Pakistani, laughing as he walks down the hall.

Vič is the migrant center in Slovenia where (almost) no one is left. The migrants “just vanished into thin air”.

“Since January, nearly 90% of the people we have hosted at Vič have disappeared,” says Tina Kotar, one of the managers of the facility, which can accommodate up to 200 people.

“Generally, they go to Germany, to Austria, but also to France.” As a result, Vič rarely runs at full capacity.

Unlike the other Balkan states, there are no tent and sheet metal camps in Slovenia. “A camp for to do what?” wonders Mohamed, who had been through the hell of Velika Kledusha, a village in Bosnia where migrants live in terrible conditions. “We sleep at Vič, and then we leave. We’re not stuck here,” he explains. “At worst, when the Slovenian authorities catch us, they expel us. They do not release us into the wild. They wouldn’t let us set up a camp in the country.”

* The EU is chasing its own tail, but it may be intentional. If the migrants are not deported outside of Europe, eventually they will be resettled in the EU.

Has Europe already surrendered? Maybe. The fact that aggressive male migrants from alien cultures are permitted to just “roam” the streets of Europe is very revealing.

Instead of controlling events, the EU has allowed the illegals to control it. There has been little push-back.

EU values: Cowardice masquerading as tolerance.