Socialist EU leader on Austria: “Sanctions cannot be excluded.”

Socialist EU leader on Austria: “Sanctions cannot be excluded.”

* The V4 Report on Twitter. Socialist European Parliament group leader Gianni Pittella: “We are worried about the extreme-right drift in Austria. Sanctions cannot be excluded.”

This was reported from the account of Sándor Zsíros or EuroSandor on Twitter. He is an excellent source of information regarding the inside scoop in Brussels. We recommend following him on Twitter.

The V4 Report tweeted in reply: There they go again. EUparliament Socialists are eyeing-up new targets for EU “reprogramming”. Leaders of nation states must grasp the impact of Article7 on Poland. If Brussels succeeds here, their lust for power will only intensify. Time to stop them now!

The V4 Report is familiar with Pittella, a member of the radical Party of European Socialists (PES) and strong advocate of mandatory migrant quotas. Pittella is a bitter opponent of Viktor Orban and Visegrad.

Below is a post from August 11, 2017 regarding the agenda of Pittella and some of his extremist colleagues at the EU Parliament.

Will Austria be the next target of the EU Inquisition? Or maybe Hungary or Croatia or ……

Time to stop the madness.

Italy: Another member of the Party of European Socialists from Italy demands implementation of the “Soros Plan” to radically reform migration.