Some claim border checks in EU countries challenge Schengen Agreement

Some claim border checks in EU countries challenge Schengen Agreement

Some claim border checks in EU countries challenge Schengen Agreement.

The V4 Report disagrees 100%: It is open-borders, mass migration and the utter failure to deport illegals outside of Europe that threaten Schengen.

With freedom of movement comes responsibilities; if some are not doing their duty at the external borders, the system will break down.

Without a secure external border, nation states have a duty to defend borders and people from aggressive male migrants, often from alien cultures, roaming the streets of Europe.

Some so-called “EU observers” say it’s illegal and undermines the idea of freedom of movement. Rightfully so, few listen to their nonsense. The situation is out of control and illegals are not entitled to free movement. Ironically, in many cases, these “EU observers” are often some of the biggest proponents of illegal and mass migration.

A perfect example is the Socialist and pro-migration MEP Tanja Fajon from Slovenia. All Slovenians are well aware of her agenda and few doubt her aims as ‘EU/Schengen Queen’ are directed towards the benefit of the migrants.

“We believe it is a political decision and not legal,” said MEP Tanja Fajon, who authored the Parliament’s position report on border controls.

Quite frankly, it’s the decision of national governments, which should never surrender national security issues to MEPs representing Brussels. The EU Parliament must be and can be defied on this issue.

Is Fajon – like her fellow Socialist Frans Timmermans – implying that the external borders are sealed and everything is under control? She lives in Slovenia and should realize that the illegals are entering via Croatia, and that Italy has had problems with illegals entering from her country? 54,000 illegals out of 60,000 who entered Bosnia just vanished…where does she think they disappeared to? Iceland?

Maybe Slovenia needs to think of more border controls, not only for its sake, but also for others in the EU?

Bottom-line: If one wants to keep Schengen alive, they need to fight for it by sealing the external borders (maybe Greece should be expelled if they refuse this responsibility) and developing a permanent mechanism to deport the illegals outside of Europe. They cannot be permitted to just roam the streets.

Freedom is not a given or guarantee just because it’s written on some piece of paper…one must do what is necessary to earn it and to vigilantly fight to keep it.

How bad does the EU want to see a functioning Schengen? Judging from the lax security at the external borders and inability to deport the illegals, the will is lacking and the spirit is weak.