Some numbers from Merkel-Erdogan Pact.

Some numbers from Merkel-Erdogan Pact.

Some numbers from Merkel-Erdogan Pact.


Erdogan just dominates the weak EU feminists in Brussels. So-called ‘member states’ must get past the ‘Merkel worship’ and plebe state mentality.


– According to figures from the EU Commission, 26,835 migrants were brought to the EU under the EU-Turkey deal.


Of course, this does not include those illegals who made the trip themselves, which is a much larger figure.


1)  Under first part of scheme, for every Syrian taken by an EU country from Turkey, one Syrian was supposed to be sent back to Turkey. So in theory, 26,835 Syrians (only) should have been sent back to Turkey from Greece.  This did not happen.


2). The second part of deal mandated that ALL “non-Syrian irregulars” (it said ALL) were to be sent back to Turkey with no corresponding swap.  This did not happen.  One is talking hundreds of thousands of illegals if not more in this scenario.


Instead, it was almost all one-way traffic to the EU.


* Remember this when Big Seehofer, Roberta Metsola (EPP) and EU officials like Ylva from Sweden promise returns in their migration reform.  This will not happen…and it has not happened for five years despite the promises.  It is designed as bait (or cover) in order to implement an EU-wide relocation distribution mechanism and to deceive the public in order to keep Salvini and other anti-migration leaders out of power. 


Remember, these numbers only take into account migrants chosen by these countries and do not include the hundreds of thousands of illegals waived-through by Greece and other border states.


– 9,967 were chosen by Germany. That is more than twice the amount of migrants taken by France, which took in second-most.


– According to the Die Welt report, the Netherlands admitted 4,571, Finland 1,964, Sweden 1,940 and Spain 766. 


Austria, Croatia, Italy, Lithuania, Luxembourg and Portugal also participated with quotas in the low hundreds.


Given the intense pressure along their border, we find no logic in regards to Italy, Croatia, Austria and Spain.  Why were they taking any migrants at all from Turkey?  The “right wing” Plenkovic was taking orders again from his mentors in Brussels.


Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Poland, Romania and Slovakia reportedly did not take in any migrants under the EU-Turkey pact…although Ireland and Romania did participate in various programs to relocate “ship-wrecked” migrants from Italy.


* The main point. All illegals entering Greece via Turkey by sea were to be sent back to Erdogan, who conveniently forgot that part of the deal.  


So did the EU Commission…and so did the past leaders of Greece.