Sorry Tusk, Poland will not rollover to EU attacks on their sovereignty, culture and values

Sorry Tusk, Poland will not rollover to EU attacks on their sovereignty, culture and values

* Donald Tusk hopes Poland will avoid more conflicts with Brussels. Sorry Donald, while Poland will cooperate when warranted, they will not rollover to EU attacks on their sovereignty, culture and values. The leaders of Western Europe will have to get used to a strong and confident Poland. This is the new reality.

** In the future, we suggest the EU avoid conflicts with “Europe”. However, we are not optimistic. EU Minister Dimitris Avramopoulos is now saying that Brussels has “committed” Europe to mass migration in his article entitled “Europe’s migrants are here to stay”. Avramopoulos can expect the pushback to be intense. While Sweden may weakly submit, Visegrad, Austria and many CEE nation states will resist and defy. The fallout could be great.

In his typical arrogant and ignorant style, Tusk said he “hoped that the Polish government will come back to its senses and will not search for conflict in a matter in which it is simply wrong.” However, Tusk was answered quickly and decisively by the Polish government.

Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, gave little indication of a willingness to compromise. “Poland is attached to the rule of law as much as the EU. The reform of the justice system is necessary in Poland. We need openness and integrity in the dialogue between Warsaw and the Commission. I believe that the subjectivity of Poland can be reconciled with the idea of a United Europe,” he wrote on Twitter.

Morawiecki was also supported by his predecessor Beata Szydło. “Poland has always had a dialogue with the European Commission. Like every sovereign EU member state, we have the right to reform the judiciary in accordance with our constitution. The Commission’s duty is to respect the rule of law of the EU member states, openness and dialogue. This is what the EU needs today,” she wrote on Twitter.

Justice Minister Zbigniew Ziobro said the Commission’s decision was a political gesture because, he said, the planned judicial laws “exist in individual EU countries”.

“This is another argument pointing to the fact that this decision has a political taste, that it’s politics,” he said and added that the Polish government must now “more effectively finish what we started so that Poland is respected for its rule of law.” “Let’s approach it with calmness,” Ziobro argued.

The Vice-President of the European Parliament, Ryszard Czarnecki, said the measures taken by the Commission were a “punishment” for not accepting immigrants from outside of Europe.

*** Donald Tusk carries little respect and does not speak for Poland anymore and neither will Brussels or Berlin determine the internal affairs of Poland.

Onward Poland! Keep up the fight.