Spain Looks to Africa for Ways to Curb Migration

Spain Looks to Africa for Ways to Curb Migration

Spain: The drama continues as the far-left government looks to Africa to curb illegal migration. What about Spain itself, it cannot defend its own border?

PM Sanchez wants to try to combat illegal immigration by boosting Madrid’s economic links with a host of African nations by 2023.
Fine, but while Spain and others wait years hoping for an economic miracle in Africa, they should first deny entry and deport the massive backlog of illegals.

This is a never-ending problem for many in the EU. While they can work with the countries of origin to try to reduce migration on a supplemental basis, the primary responsibility for stopping mass migration to Europe lies with the nations of Europe themselves. It is negligent and irresponsible to outsource this task to foreign leaders, many of whom refuse to take back their own citizens.

What is the incentive for a foreign country to defend Europe’s borders? This reliance on foreign leaders, as Erdogan has proven, never works in the long term and is always ripe for abuse.

Europe needs to step up its own game if it is serious about combating mass migration. The problem is the EU itself, which keeps trying to create new methods of flooding Europe.

The project’s values are not compatible with the best interests of Europe. Something must break.