Spain: Things are out of control in the West EU bloc. These aggressive male migrants are threatening the police and the public.

Spain:  Things are out of control in the West EU bloc. These aggressive male migrants are threatening the police and the public.

Spain: Things are out of control in the West EU bloc. These aggressive male migrants are threatening the police and the public.

This is unacceptable, especially the response, which is pathetically weak and will only embolden the migrants to become more aggressive and confident.

We can only say so much on FB, but the authorities need to adjust some attitudes. The migrants deploy weapons here (looks like chairs or something) and the police should take care of business the old-fashioned way, using whatever force is necessary to subdue them. This is not radical concept; instead it’s a necessity in order to survive.

So-called enlightened EU progressives and liberals are a poison, not to mention bottom-shelf charlatans at war with human nature and traditional culture.

– There should be absolutely no tolerance for this type of behavior. The public should in fact demand this from the police, who must be given the authority and means (equipment) to take care of these threats to the public order.

The problem is twofold: In this new era of UN political-correctness, the police are often handcuffed themselves by insane laws that prevent them from using the necessary force to defend themselves and the public. The UN and Council of Europe must be defied…and they can do little about it, besides the usual
whining to The Guardian, which few respect anyhow.

Moreover, the courts have been infiltrated with activist judges who, instead of pursuing justice, seek to push a social agenda. We say onward to Poland and others who want to clean out the garbage from their judicial systems.

– The authorities and leaders of the West EU bloc have failed to provide the necessary support that these police officers need to do their jobs. They should tell these fake ‘human rights’ groups like Amnesty to back off, while publicly standing by the police who risk their lives to defend the public.

– Finally, in Spain and elsewhere, many leftist and even so-called “conservative” governments have surrendered its borders to aggressive male migrants from violent cultures, thus exposing its citizens to this type of environment. There is absolutely no excuse for this cowardice and negligence. It is unworthy of Europe.

Central Europe and Visegrad need to take a hard look at what is going on in Western Europe, whose soft leaders are dominating the EU.

Can they resist this “way of life” of the West EU bloc while “member states” of the EU? Are these the type of “EU values” that they want to be associated with in the long run? Are there not better alternatives that would better reflect their values and beliefs, such as some Central European alliance based on the model of the Three Seas Initiative?

The V4 Report no longer believes the EU can be reformed based on the current demographics. We do not know the exact time frame, but the break-up of the EU is inevitable and must now be considered a viable option for the V4 and CEE states moving forward.

We believe in strong nation states, which naturally inclines us to support Brexit; after all, is this not a nation state which desires to make its own choices on their terms? Vetoing any Brexit delay would not only support the integrity of the nation state but would also send a much-needed message to Brussels.

There is a reason why the EU wants Brexit to fail. Once Brexit happens and people do realize that there is life outside the EU, there will be others with the courage to follow soon. (In reality, the EU is small and plenty of business goes on outside of the project; the EU would have no choice but to engage with Britain, just as they trade with others outside of the union, such as the USA, China, etc.)

The EU is about fear, much unfounded, that somehow one cannot function without it. Of course, Brussels is full of delusions of grandeur. Are the new members of the Commission really Europe’s best and brightest? We do not think so.

It’s time to break free from the chains of EU mediocrity and the unelected Eurocrats who seek to destroy the culture of Europe.

EU Solidarity is a dark whole where one’s independence and identity can be easily swallowed. It must be resisted and is not worth the loss of one’s Soul.

It’s time to move on…too many lines have been and are being crossed.