Spain: VOX and the illegal migrant billboard controversy

Spain:  VOX and the illegal migrant billboard controversy

The V4 Report has one suggestion for VOX: Please add another billboard…one that explains that grandma does not scale border walls while attacking guards with homemade weapons.

The left-wingers and old establishment are concerned about the rising support for the VOX Party.
They will do anything to try to silence and slander the national conservatives of VOX.
First, they were assaulted at campaign rallies, now their unglued opponents have resorted to filing complaints about a billboard, which they consider to be a so-called ‘hate crime’.
– The billboard in question must have embarrassed the ruling government. It claimed that so-called ‘unaccompanied minors’ received ten times as much state aid as pensioners.
Some were quick to question the numbers, rationalizing that the majority of public funds spent on ‘unaccompanied minors’ do not go directly to the illegals themselves, but to organizations that work in various reception programs to support them. 😉
They miss the point VOX is making: It is costing the state (taxpayers) a lot of money to care for these illegal minors (many lie about age), much more than Spanish pensioners are given each month to live on.
– According to figures from the regional authorities, El Pais reports a total cost of €96.1 million. This would mean that the average cost per spot for the minors is €4,208.
How much do pensioners in Madrid receive?
VOX is on target even if it is off by a few euros, but they make a valid point that the socialist government and its allies are treating illegal aliens better than some of their own citizens.
In addition, grandma does not climb border walls, nor does she attack guards with homemade weapons.
Grandma needs a raise while the illegals need to be deported.