Spanish PM vows to ‘restore order’ after migrants reach Ceuta

Spanish PM vows to ‘restore order’ after migrants reach Ceuta

It’s embarrassing to be an EU member state.

Spain reacts after the mass invasion, but how did the government recklessly allow itself to be this vulnerable, to begin with?
How reckless is it to rely on foreign leaders to defend one’s border? Who came up with this madness to depend on Erdogan or the leaders in Africa? BERLIN and the Eurocrats.

Nothing wrong with secondary side deals, but the primary responsibility to defend borders must be with Europe…no excuses or bull about partners to help manage migration. It is a fantasy for the long term.

Meanwhile, the EU Commission is just pathetic. Quite honestly, the V4 Report finds it embarrassing to be a member state of this multicult project. Brexit was spot on.

This is a serious breach but is expected when one refuses to provide the proper equipment and firepower to repel aggressive illegal males at the border.

While Viktor Orban took early action to control events before the masses controlled Hungary, Spain allowed others to control it.
– Spain’s socialist/feminist (what a combo) PM arrived in the north African enclave of Ceuta vowing to “restore order”.

While some may have been pushed back already, the majority are so-called ‘unaccompanied minors” who are allowed to remain legally in Spain under government supervision. Again, this is a policy of madness.

The EU is no help and allowed this precedent of abuse to be established as the new normal. It is has been a terrible influence on Europe.
For instance, the soft EU Vice President Margaritis Schinas said the bloc “won’t be intimidated by anyone” after the migrant surge. 👌
One look at Schinas tells you why the EU is not respected. This after Erdogan, other foreign leaders, the illegals, and NGOs have continued to abuse the EU for years. They laugh at EU values, Schinas, and the von der Leyen team.

Sending in the army was long overdue and should be copied by others, but few have confidence in Sanchez to restore order in Spain for the long haul. One has to give the army the authority to clean the house.

Sanchez had years to prepare but instead chose the welcome culture. Today, the blowback.

💪 VOX in Spain is the answer. No more delusions about soft feminism and multicult.