Sweden Meltdown: Blowback After Following Merkel’s Solidarity Pact

Sweden Meltdown:  Blowback After Following Merkel’s Solidarity Pact

July 4, 2017

The EU’s migrant crisis is now destroying Sweden. Italy is now imploding as we speak.

– One either takes action to control events (V4), or ends up controlled and held hostage by the actions of others (Sweden, Italy). The government of Sweden blindly followed Angela Merkel and embraced EU “Solidarity”. The V4 leaders were correct to reject those calls from Brussels to accept EU “unity” on migrant quotas, open-borders and mass Muslim migration. Once flooded, like Sweden and Italy, it may be too late.

Some key points we highlighted below:

1. Armstrong Economics has had sight of a leaked Swedish report that concludes…that the number of lawless areas in Sweden alone has now reached 61, rising from 55 in just one year.

The article entitled “Sweden on the brink of legal crisis” says
“Sweden’s National Police Commissioner, Dan Eliasson, came out and pleaded on national television for assistance: “He warned that Swedish police forces can no longer uphold the law. The refugees are so disrespectful that if the free money is cut off, Sweden can quickly find itself in the midst of total chaos. The refugees will turn violent and seek whatever they can from the other regions. When the police come out and ask for help, you know something is seriously wrong.“

2. Just two months ago Magnus Ranstorp, the head of terrorism research at the Swedish Defense University, said that roughly 12,000 rejected asylum seekers have gone underground. Ranstorp explains what the backlash of refusing refugees asylum looks like and what the implications for its own laws looks like –

“Because you have a lot of people who come in who will not be allowed to stay, and that in itself creates a pool of people who will try to elude themselves from the authorities. They become a shadow population with no rights. And that fuels extremism in all different directions.

3. There are about 150 known Syrians who have gone back to Syria and fight and then returned to Sweden. Ranstorp says, “Extremists meet little resistance in Sweden. It’s not that security services and police are not doing their work. The reason is our counterterrorism laws are difficult to apply. You actually have to prove a violent crime was committed or about to be committed [to be convicted of a crime]. It’s not enough that you joined ISIS.” **

– Safely in their bubbles, the international media and bureaucrats in Brussels have viciously attacked the leaders of the V4 for defending their people, culture and nations. We have news for the self-proclaimed “experts”: The V4 is here to stay and will continue the fight to defend their citizens. “EU Solidarity” is not worth the price of losing one’s Soul.

Onward V4! Stay strong and united.