Sweden: The EU’s multicult nightmare.

Sweden: The EU’s multicult nightmare.
Sweden: The EU’s multicult nightmare.
– Murder rate in Sweden higher than most other European countries: ‘No other country has experienced such an increase’.
So much for the progressive agenda that some in Sweden and the Council of Europe try pushing on others. Sweden is cooked.
Orban was right about Sweden.
– Long known for its low crime rate, Sweden has skyrocketed to the top of European murder statistics in a relatively short period of time, say the investigators.
From a survey of the largest newspaper Dagens Nyheter In 2017, after 100 murders and attempted murders, it turned out that 90 percent of the suspects had a migrant background.
Police say that when it comes to violence, there are 60 ‘vulnerable areas’ across the country, the majority of which have a migrant background.
* Send Ylva, the EU’s migration minister, back to Sweden where she belongs. Hungary and the V4 states want no part of this multicult poison that has destroyed Sweden.