Sweden: Too late?

Sweden:  Too late?

Sweden: Too late?

Probably, plus this sounds like an election stunt from governing Socialists (self-labeled as feminists) feeling the pressure from the Sweden Democrats, now the third biggest party in Sweden.

After the results of the government’s failed social experiments, we doubt Swedes will fall for this. After all, the Socialists opened the floodgates.

Illegals will have to be able to speak Swedish to become citizens under the country’s new proposals. This after years of promoting insane lax immigration policies.

Sweden opened its doors to thousands of aggressive males illegals migrants in 2015 and has been rocked by a surge in gang violence, bombings, shootings, and sex attacks.

Erik Nord, Gothenburg’s chief of police, told MailOnline: ‘These criminal clans have a completely different culture that makes them very difficult to tackle with normal police methods…We need more police and our courts and prisons need to be reinforced to deal with this situation urgently. Otherwise, we will turn into a gangsters’ paradise.”

Moreover, the Swedish courts are full of multicult activists taking advice from the UN.

A Swedish judge refused to deport two Eritrean nationals who were convicted of aggravated rape because the UN warned that the pair were military deserters who would face punishment on their return. The men, aged 30 and 32, were convicted in a Stockholm court of raping the woman for hours in an apartment in the city while threatening her with a knife.

They have been living in Sweden for several years and have been granted ‘refugee’ status by the government.

** On second thought…Sweden will need a lot more than this.