The Syrian arrested in Germany bought chemicals through Amazon.

The Syrian arrested in Germany bought chemicals through Amazon.

* Germany imports violence from the Sunni streets. The Syrian arrested in Schwerin bought chemicals through Amazon.

** Published by and translated to the best of our abilities from Czech. We kindly ask our Czech readers to add anything we missed from the translation. It was difficult.

A nineteen-year-old Syrian ordered chemicals over the summer from Amazon to produce TATP explosives. Police detained “Jamina A.” on Tuesday in Schwerin, Northwest Germany. According to the investigators, the young man decided to launch a bomb in Germany this July in order to kill and injure “as many people as possible”.

Der Spiegel recalls the Amazon internet platform also supplied the perpetrators of last year’s assault on the Sikh Prayer Prayer in Essen, in which three people, including the Islamist Djabir Bakr, who allegedly planned an attack at Berlin’s Tegel Airport, were injured.

The investigators are concerned about the fact that Amazon offers goods that can be used to produce a bomb. Amazon said it was cooperating with the police and had taken action on its website to “offer the goods in an appropriate manner,” writes Der Spiegel.

The liberal owner of Amazon has used the manipulative Washington Post to vilify and slander Visegrad regarding their defiance of Angela Merkel. We have found their reporters to be lazy, biased and ignorant of Central Europe and the migrant crisis. They are also very condescending towards the culture of Visegrad and have painted a highly inaccurate picture of the crisis.

Hopefully, Amazon’s owner will also take action to correct the “pollution” emanating from the Washington Post. All is not well at the EU Core.