Tales of EU Project

Tales of EU Project

Illegal trafficking of Turks to Germany with fake grey (business) passports. How was that ecological meeting?

Reverse dog training: Erdogan continues to just abuse a weak Germany, and yet Merkel is intimidated and keeps rewarding him handsomely. Big treats 🤑.
Germany and the EU are embarrassing, it’s even painful to witness such lameness. No wonder, outside of the giddy clerks in Brussels, few have respect for the woke bloc.

Gray passports are normally issued to employees who travel for business purposes without having to obtain a visa. However, organized criminal cartels – which seem to involve employees of the Turkish Ministry of Interior – issue such passports for a rough fee.

More than 3,000 Turks were allegedly trafficked to Germany and other neighboring countries with the help of fake gray passports, without returning.

“The accused invited a group of Turks to a non-existent meeting on ecological issues,” said the German prosecutor. “But from what we investigated, the invitation was a joke. As soon as it hit German soil, the group disbanded.”

Some applied for asylum, others disappeared. Journalist Sevilla Gilman managed to talk to one of them. He told her that he paid 6,000 euros to get a gray service passport.