Team von der Leyen: bottom shelf material.

Team von der Leyen: bottom shelf material.

Team von der Leyen: bottom shelf material.

An interview conducted with the ‘High Representative’ for European Foreign and Security Policy and Vice-President of the European Commission (Josep Borrell) in December.

Borrell, 72, is an old socialist who has been involved in Spanish and European politics for four decades; maybe, it’s time he was put out to pasture. Some of his answers are simply arrogant, while one was painfully naive and has come to symbolize the EU’s weakness regarding deportations.

Unlike Erdogan, who does not ask for permission from the counties of origin when deporting its citizens (see Erdogan’s response to France regarding its citizen jihadists), EU leaders are ‘hoping’ to convince other leaders outside of Europe to take back their own citizens. Imagine that? 🤨

– Borrell says it’s “easy to say that those who do not have the right to stay in the EU should be sent back, but the countries they came from must accept them. So we have to go to these countries, for example in Africa, and talk to them about this problem. Because unless we have agreements with these countries, we will not be able to bring people back to where they came from. But it is clear that such a plan cannot be implemented without agreement with other countries. We need to establish a deeper dialogue with other countries on this issue, which they must agree to, because otherwise it is only our good wishes.”

* Wow, talk about dependency. This is pathetic; the leaders of Africa and the Middle East will not be swayed by “deeper dialogue” without heavy consequences attached. Why is the EU giving them such a choice in the first place? There should be no question regarding their citizens; they cannot stay in Europe.

The EU must alter its approach in order to adjust the attitude of these leaders in Africa and elsewhere. As we have seen in the past, talks are useless without consequences at the table.

The EU can quickly persuade the leaders of Africa or Afghanistan by linking all foreign aid and other privileges to a country’s willingness to take back its migrants. This is how agreements work.

Unfortunately, the EU Commission will instead rely on the ‘good will’ of Afghan leaders. 🤔

Something is truly abnormal with the EU, which cannot even deport the illegals they do not want without the approval of foreign leaders first.

How did the EU arrive at such a lowly state?