Tension spreads through camps for illegals in Spain’s Canary Islands

Tension spreads through camps for illegals in Spain’s Canary Islands

Tension spreads through camps for illegals in Spain’s Canary Islands

This will not end well.

The surge in illegal aliens to the region is alarming and seemingly endless. With deportations at a trickle, this is the perfect storm about to explode.

The locals, seeing their lives turned upside down, are very upset that the illegals are roaming the streets and getting involved in scuffles at night. Who is standing up for them and their families?

The illegals, especially from Morocco, are demanding, acting as if Europe owes them a lifestyle or special treatment. They are determined not to be deported and have resorted to hunger strikes, self-harm and protests, even waving signs with messages such as “Death or Europe” and “The Canaries are a prison for migrants.”

Listen closely to the attitude of the illegals. “We don’t want to go back. Ever,” said Abd Latif, a 24-year-old from Morocco. “I studied law in Morocco, then I earned two diplomas, but there is no work there. I invested €4,000 to come here. I can’t go back, do you understand?” (No, we do not understand. It is not your choice to make such demands).

The illegals are demanding that they be allowed to “continue on our journey” as if they are some type of modern-day conquerors.
Another illegal says a “prisoner at least knows how long their sentence will last, but I don’t know when I will leave the Canary Islands, and meanwhile, my children are waiting for me to send money.”

Whose money does he want to send back home?

This is what happens when the EU rolls-over time and time again…the illegals begin to think that they are entitled to have Europe take care of them.

Angels Merkel, Germany, and the EU allowed Europe to be flooded and overwhelmed from 2015 onward. This set a fatal precedent that will be very hard, if not impossible, to reverse.

One cannot surrender the borders for five years without expecting chaos or this type of ongoing abuse. The illegals see the EU as soft and will keep coming.

Unfortunately, we can see the writing on the wall. Europe is too weak (and woke) to deport in mass quantities.
Expect a general amnesty in the future and the EU and its stakeholders to claim that it is impossible to deport in such large numbers and that legalizing the illegals is the only method to efficiently “manage the flows”.

The EU does not need mandatory migrant quotas to flood Europe into submission. This was their plan (the Soros plan) all along.

Calls for amnesty are coming and the V4 and CEE states need to disengage from this West EU multicult project before they are totally sucked-up into the madness. It’s called self-preservation.

What is the other solution?