Tensions flare between Italy and France over illegal migration.

Tensions flare between Italy and France over illegal migration.

Tensions flare between Italy and France over illegal migration.

The drama in France continues with tales of Robinson Crusoe and Pontius Pilate.

* French European Affairs Minister Nathalie Loiseau compared Matteo Salvini to Pontius Pilate and then actually called the illegal migrants transported by the NGOs to Europe as “shipwrecked”.

We are not making this up. Loiseau said, “Each time, it is Emmanuel Macron who organizes the reception and distribution of these shipwrecked…”

It looks like Macron has found his calling as the new EU Minister of Logistics…or should we say Minister of Human Trafficking.

** French President Emmanuel Macron went on to claim that there’s a “political crisis” between Italy and the rest of the EU over migration.

In Macron’s small bubble, the “rest of the EU” is represented by France and Germany, with mighty Luxembourg and a few others providing emotional support.

Matteo Salvini was not impressed with the “show” in France and continued to mock Macron. “We don’t take lessons on law and humanity from Mr Macron.”

Even the mild-mannered PM (Conte) of Italy took a swipe at France, adding that “Macron represents France and not the EU.”

What a sad state of affairs in France. Its leaders, so full of themselves, have not yet realized that their time has passed.

*** Loiseau was speaking about the Aquarius 2, an NGO migrant transfer ship carrying 58 illegal migrants (or shipwrecked), which the government of Italy refused entry.

Under so-called “international law”, migrants “shipwrecked” at sea are supposed to be taken to the nearest safe port. Loiseau conveniently forgot to mention that Tunisia refused entry as well.

Regardless, this is where the legal obligation ends. The European nation states are not obligated to grant entry after a “rescue”.

Macron, who fancies himself as some type of Captain Euro, announced a “solution” on Tuesday, which entailed distributing the 58 migrants on board between France, Germany, Portugal, and Spain (the usual suspects).

Certainly this is not the “entire” EU, but represents a mere 15% of the bloc.

While Macron congratulates himself on “distributing” migrants among his small circle of friends, Salvini and Italy took action to close the ports, which helped slash migrant sea arrivals to about 20,000 this year, compared with 181,000 in 2016 and 119,000 in 2017.

Salvini is not only protecting Italy but he is defending all of Europe from aggressive male migrants who come from very violent regions to roam Europe.

Salvini is surging in the polls and is having a far greater impact in Europe than Macron. It was not supposed to be this way, which may be the reason why Macron has become unglued.


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