The Afghan Rush.

The Afghan Rush.
The Afghan Rush.
Don’t be like Austria (or Germany).
The EU will have trouble convincing Pakistan and other neighbors to house the Afghans. It’s not that easy as the EU media campaigns suggest. Europe better prepare to fortify the borders themselves.
– Sebastian Kurz says Austria will not accept new Afghans…because Austria already has the fourth-largest Afghan community worldwide.
Wow…in Austria. 😳
Who opened the door and followed Merkel in 2015?
And, despite the well-documented problems, Austria appears to be stuck with them now. It had trouble deporting before, and now it will be even harder.
The key is to deny entry…once flooded, it’s too late. It’s the same old story. Deportations were very light for six years, and now (first it was Covid) more roadblocks appear. There will always be a ‘crisis’ to demand more migrants.
Austria provides one example of what not to do, while Hungary and the V4 states knew better.
This should be a warning to all…the evidence is clear that once they are here, it appears that there is no going back.
One should be careful before making long term decisions without critical thinking…just ask Germany.