The Babis traveling show

The Babis traveling show

🇪🇺🐩 The Babis traveling show.

Unlike Viktor Orban, the Czech PM will not act without EU approval.

What’s the point? What type of leadership is this when a PM allows himself to be tied down like a hostage by unelected Eurocrats, instead of putting the interests of his country first.

Inch by inch, Brussels keeps expanding its scope and power…but only because the member states allow it too.

The Czech Republic’s prime minister visited Serbia to find out more about the Balkan nation’s mass inoculation program with Chinese and Russian vaccines that have not yet been approved by the European Union’s drug regulator.

Thanks to the Chinese and Russian vaccines, Serbia is currently second in Europe after Britain in the rate of the vaccination rollout per capita.

Babis told reporters before the trip that the Czech Republic is not ready to use the Russian Sputnik V vaccine before it wins the EU nod from the European Medicines Agency.

Orban did not wait for EU approval and took action based on his convictions on what he thought was best for his people.

Babis prefers “EU solidarity”. In Von der Leyen, he trusts? 🤨