The Battle of the Mediterranean: Salvini, alone, fights on.

The Battle of the Mediterranean:  Salvini, alone, fights on.

The Battle of the Mediterranean: Salvini, alone, fights on.

Matteo Salvini – fights on, closes Italy’s ports to another German migrant transfer ship.

Angela Merkel and the Grand Coalition a cancer for Germany and Europe…and its party (EPP) has become a major obstacle for legitimate nationalists/conservatives attempting to emerge to counter and challenge the EU federalists of all three establishment parties.

– Italy’s interior minister is preventing a German rescue ship carrying 100 illegals from docking at national ports. While Germany and France are encouraging and facilitating illegal migration, Salvini has been instrumental in taking on the NGOs and barring the migrants transfer ships from Italy.

The open-border hustlers at Lifeline, which operates the 20-meter (65-foot) ship, Eleonore, has urged Germany’s government to help identify a safe harbor. Should there be an emergency, representatives said, the boat will have to dock somewhere — permitted or not.

Lifeline is even making threats. “The politicians should deal with it quickly,” Lifeline spokesperson Axel Steier told Germany’s Catholic news agency, KNA, on Tuesday. “Otherwise, we’ll have to deal with it.”

Quite frankly, Europe should have dealt with these NGOs long ago.

Libya’s coast guard tried to intervene to safely bring back the migrants to a nearby safe port in Africa but the NGOs have their own agenda to push.

* Soon the anti-V4 crowd (5Stars and Renzi Socialists) will be back in power, stealthily without a vote. Both despise Viktor Orban and blame him for the emergency in Italy.

Von der Leyen “understands” them as well, already meeting with Conti. Let me guess…without 5Star/PD vote she would not be president (almost anyone can claim this; it’s somewhat amusing and a bit cheap).

But this is exactly what Brussels wants…little compliant stooges to jump like dogs at their every command. They may get just that in Italy.