The campaign by international organizations to demonize the Croatian police.

The campaign by international organizations to demonize the Croatian police.

The campaign by international organizations to demonize the Croatian police.

By Robert Valdec /

While this article focuses on Croatia ??, these intimidation tactics used by “charities” and NGOs are happening elsewhere in Europe as well.

Valdec explains that the goal of this demonization of the police is clear: to soften and discourage its members, while using propaganda to try to form public opinion against them…all with the goal of transporting as many migrants as possible to the EU.

The mainstream in Europe must confront, repudiate and challenge these open-border activists, while giving their full support to the border guards who sacrifice their lives to protect Europe.

* The V4 Report touched on this issue a few days ago but Robert Valdec provides additional details. The article is long but the details are excellent.

We could not translate the entire article, but we did provide a brief translation of the main focus. We believe it is vital to confront the propaganda utilized by international networks in a coordinated effort to intimidate the Croatian border police.

Viktor Orban, who had the foresight to control the NGOs in Hungary, again appears to be one step ahead of the game.

? ‘Allahu Akbar!’ – shouted one of the groups that we intercepted at night in the woods, during the illegal crossing of the state border. One pulled out a knife but the nearest policeman immediately pulled out the pistol and fired a warning shot.

The attacker paused, dropped the knife and turned to escape, but another warning shot forced him to stumble on the ground. The others, who seemed surprised, obediently turned and returned back from where they came to the territory of BiH.

One Croatian policeman informed us that this was one of the many ‘tickling’ situations he experienced during his efforts to secure the border with neighboring Bosnia and Herzegovina. Since the beginning of the year, migrants have been continually trying to illegally enter Croatia on their way to the ‘promised countries’ of Germany, Sweden, France and Italy.

– Croatian border and emergency police officers from Dubrovnik to Vukovar, who were or are currently on that part of the border both day and night, were outraged by the lies they are confronted with by the Croatian media – backed by militant activists of non-governmental organizations, who are trying to create a picture of a brutal, insensitive and aggressive police force to the public in Croatia.

The police are dissatisfied with many things – insufficient equipment, insufficient number, and the fact that the top officials are not decisively behind them. (This was somewhat corrected by a recent interview by Minister Bozinovich, in which he partly stepped up behind “his” people.)

Most are not Syrians but migrants who come from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, India and the Arab world…or they are citizens of Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia…

The synchronized media demonization of the Croatian police has been going on since the beginning of the crisis when illegal migrants attempted to enter Croatia from across the border with Serbia. This was after Hungary successfully protected its territory by raising the fence and enhancing controls.

– The migrants we catch and return back will again attempt to cross into Croatia within a few days or weeks. Some are truly miserable, but a large number of these illegal migrants are well equipped and supplied with new shoes, sophisticated cell phones and in many cases bankcards – MasterCard. These cards are without a name, and only contain a number with UNHCR written on them.

“They obtain money at ATMs, but I do not know who’s paying them,” one of the intervening policemen from Slavonia told us, who was recently on the border with the Sisak-Moslavina police administration. Similar stories have been heard from other colleagues. ?

** Behind the migrants lies a vast network of international NGOs and organizations working feverishly to destabilize Europe by conducting a vicious smear campaign directed at leaders who oppose mass migration and the border guards tasked with the duty of protecting Europeans.

These networks must be confronted, repudiated and challenged. Often, the last defense for Europeans are the brave and dedicated border police who risk their lives protecting Europe.

They must be supported by all to the fullest extent, including their elected officials, who must supply them with the necessary authority and means to protect the borders.

Both the external and internal smuggling cartels must be challenged and dismantled. In the meantime, the external borders of the EU must be sealed and the illegal migrants must be deported outside of Europe.

Anything else, including counterproductive EU relocation schemes, will only encourage the smugglers and illegal migrants.