The different tactics used by Hungary, Slovenia and Croatia to defend borders: The Hungarian barrier is “top shelf”.

The different tactics used by Hungary, Slovenia and Croatia to defend borders:  The Hungarian barrier is “top shelf”.

The different tactics used by Hungary, Slovenia and Croatia to defend borders: The Hungarian barrier is “top shelf”.

Croatia is faced with a different dynamic: Croatia shares a combined 1,326 km unfenced border with Bosnia and Serbia (1009 km with Bosnia, 317 km with Serbia). Since it would be difficult to build such a barrier, “push-backs” are necessary do defend its border from a penetrating force, regardless of insane EU/UN declarations.

🇭🇺 The Hungarian border barrier, which spans the borders of Serbia and Croatia, is 523 km long.

Once completed in 2015, the Hungarian border barrier effectively halted migration into that country. It is equipped with parallel barbed-wire fences, floodlights, security cameras, and loudspeakers which blare warnings in English, Arabic and Farsi. The fences also deliver a mild electric shock upon contact, and have rendered any potential accusations of migrant pushbacks a moot point.

🇸🇮 The Slovenian border with Croatia spans 670 km. While not nearly as advanced as the Hungarian barrier, it has also deterred attempts by migrants to enter.

Both fences have effectively left many migrants, who are seeking entry into the Schengen zone, stranded in Croatia. While trapped in Croatia, they work with smugglers or attempt to continue their journey to Italy, Germany and France on their own. The migrants call this “The Game”.

* Despite the whining of the EU Parliament and open-border extremists, Croatia 🇭🇷 has no other choice but to “push-back” the illegals to where they came from. There is no other way to stop illegals from forcefully trying to violate Croatia’s sovereignty and territory…and despite the insane international declarations that say “push backs” are illegal, there is little the UN can do about it. National security comes first, and many in Europe silently agree with Croatia, which is why “push backs” are becoming more prevalent and the new normal.

– In addition, Croatia has introduced new technology. The Croatian border is now being protected by mobile thermal imaging cameras which can detect people illegally trying to enter Croatia from up to distance of several kilometers.

** While a good addition, its real effectiveness will be determined by the action taken once the illegals are apprehended.

If the illegals are merely shuffled back to BiH or somewhere else within Europe, the migrants will just try to enter over and over again until they are successful (The Game).

The real key and next step must be the implementation of a European-wide mechanism to deport the illegals OUTSIDE of Europe in a quick and timely fashion. All foreign aid must be tied to countries agreeing to take back its citizens without delays. States with measurable results that reach a certain percentage of successful deportations outside of Europe should be rewarded.

Immediate deportations are the key to breaking the will and spirit of the aggressive male migrants, and the business models of the smugglers. On the other hand, it is highly counterproductive to allow the illegals to roam Europe for many obvious reasons.

*** Croatia certainly has its hands full considering its vast border and the intimidation campaign being waged against the country by open-border agitators.

Ultimately, some migrants will be successful, which is exactly why it is imperative for Croatia and others to develop systems to send those apprehended back to their countries of origin.

In the end, in order to successfully combat mass migration, Europe must send a strong message that illegal migration will not be tolerated or rewarded.

Those who do not belong, which is the vast majority, must be sent back using whatever means necessary.

This is a street fight, not some EU fairy tale