The EU Migrant Merry-Go-Round. 🎠🤹‍♂️ …What a circus.

The EU Migrant Merry-Go-Round. 🎠🤹‍♂️ …What a circus.

The EU Migrant Merry-Go-Round. 🎠🤹‍♂️ …What a circus.

Some think “deporting” is sending migrants from one EU state to another. This is both useless, misleading and counterproductive.

The EU…what a circus.

– The number of asylum seekers sent back to Italy tripled in five years. Requests have come mainly from four countries – Germany (35% of the total), Switzerland (21%), France (19%) and Austria (8%).

Yet, France and Germany then make deals with Salvini to take in the “shipwrecked” transferred to Italy, instead of sending them back to countries of origin.

Germany has even sedated migrants and put them on chartered flights to Italy. France is “pushing back” the migrants into Italy. Nothing wrong with these tactics but the UN and EU are not slandering Merkel or Macron.

Salvini and others must realize that the rules have changed. The UN is powerless and cannot enforce any outdated laws that prevent a nation state from defending its border.

One notices that Germany will not send back migrants to Hungary, citing the so-called detainment centers. Salvini must learn from Orban (and Australia).

If Salvini wants to stop Germany and France from sending Italy migrants, he will immediately deport the German exports (migrants), using any means possible, back to Africa.

The gloves are off and one must defend its borders with all available measures. No need to consult with the UN or Council of Europe.

* One thing is certain…this game of “internal shuffling” has to be replaced by a meaningful mechanism to deport the migrants OUTSIDE of Europe.