The EU targets Italy for sanctions. Who’s next?

The EU targets Italy for sanctions. Who’s next?

The EU targets Italy for sanctions. Who’s next?

It appears the EU Commission will likely start these “disciplinary” steps against Italy on June 5.

As reported by Poland Daily, the EU Commission will place sanctions (3bln Euro fines) on Italy for breaking EU rules regarding rising debt levels.

Jean-Claude Juncker has stated France won’t be punished for breaking debt rules because “France is France”.

Over a year ago, the V4 Report asked, “Who will be the next target?” after Brussels targeted Poland and Hungary.

It appears Italy will be next on the dock…more specifically, Matteo Salvini. This is what this attack is really about when one considers the protective status afforded to France and Germany.

Salvini claimed the EU is run by France and Germany: “They have sanctioned us thousands of times. They have massacred our agriculture, our fishing, our commerce. But France and Germany haven’t respected the EU parameters for years.“

“If there is a rule that tells you that on Wednesdays you wear white, on Wednesdays you wear white. If I wear white, and the French wear yellow, and the Germans wear blue but then they sanction me, the only idiot who respects the rules, I am then led to believe that the Franco-German European Union only serves the interests of France and Germany.”

It appears another vengeful French Eurocrat is leading the attack.

Months ago, Economic Affairs Commissioner Pierre Moscovici, who is French and had slandered Salvini earlier with comparisons to Mussolini, said, “The Italians have… chosen a resolutely euroskeptic and xenophobic government that, on issues of migration and budget, is trying to get out of its European obligations.”

Moscovici, an ex-communist, is openly smearing Italian voters and other mainstream Europeans by suggesting that those who want the external borders secured are “xenophobic”.

France seems to be full of leaders with delusions of grandeur that fail to realize their time has passed.

Why are these overrated and babbling EU opportunists from France and Luxembourg deciding how Italians manage their internal affairs? Is it in the best interests of Hungarians to have a EU Minister from Greece or a Green Party extremist from the Netherlands determining their migration policies?

At some point, those declaring that they will fight to defend the sovereignty and integrity of the European nation state need to ask themselves a hard question: Is this possible within the EU, which is constantly expanding its reach and power?