The EU’s spin doctor

The EU’s spin doctor

Ursula von der Leyen is perfect for the EU. Everything she touches turns into a disaster.

But listen to her grade-school explanation regarding the EU’s vaccine rollout debacle:

“Of course I am aware that while a country might move like a speedboat, and the European Union is more of a tanker. But this is the strength of the European Union, and I am deeply convinced that the European approach is the right one. We were much faster than usual, but there are a few factors we must look at more in-depth.

“First of all, I could not even imagine what it would mean for Europe if we had one, two, three, or four member states that had access to the vaccines – and all the others not – what that would have meant for the single market, what that would have meant for the unity of the European Union? Unthinkable!”

Unthinkable for the unity of the EU? She’s worried about the single market? This entire episode illustrates just what desperate lengths the Commission will go to try to prove its relevancy while trying to demonize the nation-state.

Was it worth it Ursula? What a vain and self-serving opportunist.

It’s a good thing for the UK that they can now think for themselves instead of waiting for guidance from the EU Commission. 😂