The face of EU federalism, Guy Verhofstadt, calls for a radical “revolution” on the EU budget…and more!

The face of EU federalism, Guy Verhofstadt, calls for a radical “revolution” on the EU budget…and more!

The face of EU federalism, Guy Verhofstadt, calls for a radical “revolution” on the EU budget…and more!

This is his path to a United States of Europe, where the Eurocrats, power-brokers and international lobbyists in Brussels will assume de facto control and render national parliaments as mere EU clerks (i.e. ‘rubber stamps’).

Verhofstadt wants to increase the influence of Brussels and the largest EU states (Germany, France, the Netherlands, etc.) by eliminating the veto power of member states (even the smallest states can veto, he complains 🤔) in favor of decisions made by a qualified majority.

Verhofstadt is clear in his zeal to increase the powers and scope of Brussels by introducing an unlimited stream of revenues via the “own resources” scheme. This is an “evil genie” that one does not want to release from its bottle.

Once the Eurocrats get their hands inside the cookie jar, their insatiable appetite for power will keep demanding more funds for the ambitions of the multicult project.

Unfortunately, man is a fallen creature that will always look for opportunities to personally profit (money or power) from large and unaccountable government institutions.

If one is looking for EU ‘mission creep’ and a more powerful Brussels that desires to intervene and meddle into the sovereign affairs of the nation state, Guy Verhofstadt offers the roadmap to a federal EU that will slowly but surely devour the ability of national parliaments to determine their own destiny, values and way of life.

Guy Verhofstadt is an EU federalist and ally of Emmanuel Macron at the Renew Europe group, which is also seeking to enhance Article 7 procedures to punish Hungary and Poland. This is why the V4 Report is very leery of Visegrad allying with Macron and the federalists at Renew Europe on these issues…they have major plans for the EU. 😳

Verhofstadt openly admits that he disdains the leaders of nation states defending the national interests of the citizens that elected them. He whines about relying on member state contributions. Why? Because it “leads to a constant confrontation between the Member States, who believe that they pay too much and receive little in return.” Yes, this is called accountability and one of the reasons the EU lost Britain.

Thus, Verhofstadt reveals his true colors by openly complaining that national interests, and not the common EU interest, are therefore paramount in this structure.

Verhofstadt also believes ‘decision-making’ must also be radically different. Today, the EU virtually always decides unanimously, including the budget. This is to protect the integrity of smaller nation states from being dominated by the larger ones. Verhofstadt, who wishes to eliminate any obstacles to a federal EU, concludes, “Every member state, no matter how small, therefore has a de facto veto right. This leads to an almost continuous blocking in the European Council. From now on, Europe must take its decisions by qualified majority, as in any normal democracy.”

Does Verhofstadt forget that national leaders were elected by their citizens, not Eurocrats? They are the representatives of the nation states, and – as leaders of sovereign nations – they have the duty to defend their nations over the interests of Brussels.

What Verhofstadt really wants is for the EU to control everything, which can only be achieved with an unlimited source of funding to achieve its “ambitions”, which may be entirely different than the course desired by the nation states (economic models, culture, right to bear arms, social values, etc).

As tempting as it may sound, one cannot increase the EU budget without granting Brussels more power and more control over the nation states. Money, power and control all feed off one another. Guy Verhofstadt is a living example of the type of opportunist feeding off this corrupt system who wants to keep it growing to increase his own influence and status. Verhofstadt and his allies will never be satisfied.

The EU has already grabbed far too many powers and it is a natural thirst of man to seek more and more influence over others, especially via government institutions, which always take on a life of its own.

Sometimes, it’s easy to lose sight of the main battle being waged to determine the Soul of Europe. Will Europe’s future belong to an exclusive and all-powerful EU superstate…or a strong and dynamic coalition of European nation states?

Somehow, this debate has gone silent since the last EU elections in May. It may be time to refocus on the priorities of self-government and the freedom to decide one’s own destiny.

Maybe at the next EU Summit, the “Friends of the Nation State” will re-emerge.