The future inside the EU.

The future inside the EU.
The future inside the EU.
Greece: Algerian fatally stabs 59-year-old Greek citizen over some type of argument.
The alleged perpetrator from Algeria was arrested 24 hours later in an abandoned house in Pylaia.
The incident happened in the middle of the street, in Thessaloniki, when after an argument, the 58-year-old stabbed his victim of Greek origin with a knife. The unfortunate man was taken to a hospital with injuries to his left thigh and left lumbar surface.
However, he exhaled a few hours later after suffering a heart attack, according to police sources.
* But Ylva from Sweden is too concerned about the “pushbacks” to notice the cultural enrichment. She is demanding more Afghans.
Eventually, the new arrivals become voters with free movement. Different groups – once the numbers swell – even obtain political power and cultural influence.
Those who choose to cling to EU member state status cannot hold back the demographic tsunami for long.
And even those that do escape (Brexit), well, it matters little when one’s government makes the same mistakes as the EU Commission.