“The Game” along the Croatian border.

“The Game” along the Croatian border.

Does Amnesty International actually believe the aggressive male illegals from Afghanistan and Pakistan? 😂. More likely, they probably helped them with their imaginations. 😉

It’s quite the theater.

– A group of 16 Pakistani and Afghan illegals claim they were “bound, brutally beaten and tortured” by Croatian police after having illegally entered the country, Amnesty said in a statement.

Turns out, according to Croatia’s interior ministry, that on 28 May, when the alleged incident took place, a huge fight between migrants took place in Bosnia, which left two migrants dead and many injured. 💡

* The illegals played this same game along the Hungarian border with Serbia. Several illegals were injured trying to break into Hungary and then tried to blame it on the Hungarian border guards. One even tried to claim he was shot at (there were warning shots in the air) while posing for a media photo-op the next day holding up his hands that were obviously all cut-up from trying to tear down a border fence. (We had the video posted here a few months ago of this event and there was no physical contact between the parties involved.)

** The illegals and Amnesty both obviously believe in open-borders and have a motive for slandering the Croatian police, who defend the border.

We know how honest these illegals are, especially with their identities. Of course, almost everyone on the planet knows that neither Amnesty International nor the illegals have any credibility, which is why few pay attention to their obvious propaganda.

*** This is what happens when aggressive illegals from violent regions are allowed to roam Europe instead of being sent back to their countries of origin.

We have no idea what the EU Commission is trying to do by “managing” migration. This is exactly what they have done for the last five years and it has been an utter failure.

Some say the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again while expecting different results.

One could say this defines the EU Commission, but there is one problem…the EU may in fact do the same thing over and over again regarding migration…but it does not expect different results.

This is exactly what they want to accomplish…to overwhelm Europe into submission.