The game continues:  Welcome to Italy… welcome to the EU.

The game continues:  Welcome to Italy… welcome to the EU.

The game continues:  Welcome to Italy… welcome to the EU.


180 illegal migrants granted entry:  60 Bangladesh, 46 Pakistan, 17 Egypt, 16 Tunisia, 11 Eritrea, 11 Morocco, 7 Sudan, 6 Ghana, 3 Cameroon, 1 Costa D’Avorio, 1 Mali, 1 Nigeria.  


This concerns all, one just cannot be against mandatory quotas. Eventually, these migrants vote and attain free movement. 


All junior ‘member states’ of EU and COE will be overwhelmed if this continues.


* This time an NGO from France, Ocean Viking, transferred the illegals to the EU, and then declared a ‘state of emergency’, citing fears for the safety of both the illegals and crew.


Apparently, violence works for the illegals, which is why it will be used again. The illegals believe the EU is weak and defeated.  They have a point. 


Europe dies a little each day.


** The drama is always predictable:  Italy threatens to deny entry, the NGOs declare an emergency as illegals become violent on board and then the government relents.


Next, Seehofer and Germany will offer to take in the “ship-wrecked” (Seehofer said he did not want them to drown) while at the same time sending back Dublin migrants to Italy.


This was all part of Seehofer’s plan, but what does it accomplish?  At the end of the day, Germany and Italy are just shuffling migrants back and forth inside the EU.  However, they are not prior illegals that are already in Italy but new illegals from Africa to add to the growing totals.


What was accomplished?  It provides an ‘out’ for the new leaders of Italy, when, in reality, Italy is getting just as many illegals back from Germany as they are sending to Germany.


“Relocation” is another term for committing the EU to mass migration…and Seehofer knows it.