The government of Germany ?? unjustly slandering its own citizens over their concerns regarding a broken multi-ethnic society and mass migration from violent regions.

The government of Germany ?? unjustly slandering its own citizens over their concerns regarding a broken multi-ethnic society and mass migration from violent regions.

This is an excellent post by Alexander Tomský and exposes a government engaged in distortion and propaganda. We always find Mr. Tomský quite impressive. We will try our best to translate his words of wisdom.

The “Grand Coalition” should be embarrassed for enabling Angela Merkel to carry-on. Germany must clean house and begin again.

– Alexander Tomský provides excellent insight to the disturbing mentality of regime in Berlin. Tomský points out that since the government cannot defend themselves regarding immigration, they must resort to slander. Merkel’s Grand Coalition finds the “moralistic allegations of nazism and racism” particularly useful in order to prevent a discussion of uncontrolled immigration based on reality.

Now, after the murder of a 35-year old German, stabbed repeatedly over 25 times by two migrants, a massive demonstration against Merkel’s immigration policy, which imports criminals, was denounced by the media and politicians, as they attempted to unjustly smear all of the 5,000 participants as members of the extreme right.

As Daniel Kaiser wrote in Echu: The more progressive section of society expected ordinary Germans to just stay quiet and to stay home. This did not happen.

Arrogantly pushing thousands of ordinary citizens into a single bag of neo-Nazis, whose numbers are very low, will ultimately backfire and lead in time to the opposite of what was intended.

These allegations will not be sustained by the endless lying of the media and government propaganda. In April, the government released statistics that claimed crime was at its lowest levels in 25 years. In 2017, they claimed the number of offenses committed by “immigrants” had fallen by 10%…but only after a huge increase in 2016.

However, can one believe this creative accounting when immigrant prisons are built and expanded for prisoners whose numbers are only speculative?

It is quite possible that a total of 5.76 million offenses, including minor thefts and attacks on asylum centers, are declining. Yet, German citizens are concerned about the increase in murders and sexual assaults committed by recent migrants, especially the rejected refugees, which the government is able to deport only in minuscule numbers.

Recently, one journalist detailed the complicated police statistics. This glance of the murder details speaks very clearly. Last year, 1554 Germans and 365 asylum seekers were convicted of murder.

Tagesschau, the editor of the television, claimed the capital crimes of “immigrants” correspond to the German average, but this is if one only counts a murder per day in proportion to 17 million foreigners, including those already naturalized and living in Germany.

However, if one is interested in the the number of murders in ratio to the number of “recent arrivals”, it is estimated that they are killing at a rate of 89 times more.

The Germans are upset and rightfully concerned about the increase in murders and sexual attacks perpetrated by recent migrants which the government is too weak to deport.

In Germany, the politicians choose to label those opposed to mass migration as racists and fascists. They know full well that these labels are fake, but think their propaganda will succeed.

Yet, when will they realize that these “unacceptable positions” express the attitude of the overwhelming majority? And what will the majority do when they discover that their government will not defend them.

Hopefully the conflict, unlike the events in Saxon, will be decided at the ballot box.

AT o tom, jak němečtí politici uráží zoufalé lidi v Sasku:>>…právě v konfliktu o imigraci se moralistické nařčení z nacismu a rasismu zejména v zakomplexovaném Německu velice hodí. Napadený se nemůže bránit a politické body získává pomlouvač. O nekontrolované imigraci se nediskutuje….do ulic vyšlo možná až pět tisíc účastníků,… …Němcům ale dělá starost navýšení vražd a sexuálních útoků páchaných imigranty zejména odmítnutými azylanty, jež vláda není schopna až na nepatrné počty deportovat….čísla vražd a zabití (totschlag) mluví jasnou řečí. Za minulý rok bylo odsouzeno za vraždu či usmrcení 1 534 Němců a 365 žadatelů o azyl. …poměr k počtu nedávno příchozích, vychází nám že vraždí nebo zabíjejí 89x více než bylo donedávna v relativně bezpečné zemi běžné….Jak si [ti politici] poradí, až zjistí, že politicky nepřijatelné názory vyjadřují postoj naprosté většiny? A co učiní většina, až zjistí, že s nimi [s těmi politiky] nehne? Doufejme, že se konflikt na rozdíl od nešťastného Saska rozhodne u volební urny.<<

Posted by Alexander Tomský v médiích on Friday, August 31, 2018