The handcuffs are on Sweden

The handcuffs are on Sweden

The handcuffs are on Sweden. How’s that Istanbul Convention working out? 🤒

Afghanistan keeps abusing the EU and refuses to take back its citizens, including rapists if they refuse to take a COVID test.
Of course, the illegals know this; it’s advertised on Facebook.

To make matters worse, the sentences for migrant rapists are pathetically weak, so they are eventually back roaming the streets.
1). An illegal alien who gang-raped a 14-year-old girl avoids deportation from Sweden to Afghanistan by refusing to take a Covid test after other migrants shared a legal loophole on Facebook.

2). The 21-year-old rapist is refusing to take a Covid test – required to enter Afghanistan.

3) Swedish authorities claim they cannot legally force detainees to take tests or be vaccinated, so the violent thug has so far avoided deportation from Sweden.

4) The legal loophole has been shared online in Facebook groups; thus, 90 percent of criminals due to being deported from Sweden refuse to take Covid-19 tests and are therefore allowed to stay in the country.

Notice how light the sentences (1.5 years) are in Sweden for migrant rapists…the government is too busy promoting the hogwash of the Istanbul Convention to protect its females. This is shameless.

– Since 2002, the EU has provided more than €4 billion in development aid to Afghanistan, which makes Afghanistan the largest beneficiary of EU development assistance in the world.

Why is not the EU freezing ALL assistance to Afghanistan until it changes this loophole? Take back your citizens or no handouts. Of course, one may say this could exacerbate the crisis by making things worse in Afghanistan…but this would not be an issue if Europe ever decided to ‘man up’ to defend its own territory with pushbacks and other measures to deny entry.

Europe will lose the game by following these outdated and naive UN/EU/COE declarations.

This should not be Sweden’s problem, nor should they allow themselves to be blackmailed by a foreign regime.

Just send the illegals back and answer questions later. Let Afghanistan decide what to do with the illegals (its citizens) after they land. Europe’s only task is transferring illegals back to the countries of origin.

Maybe they can include a packet for a Covid test, along with socks and headphones, in the departure bag. 😉