The headline sounds nice, but this is Spain.

Yes, Spain is set to increase the height of the double border fences between Spain and the Spanish enclave of Ceuta. This is good but…

However, the Spanish Ministry of Interior said that the barbed wire in the fences would be replaced by other non-injurious items, according to AFP.

The statement of the ministry said that “all the barbed wire will be replaced by an element” which will guarantee security “without hurting” migrants all along the fence.

* Fences should be designed to deter…with consequences delivered to those who think otherwise. Unless there is a better deterrent, we would keep the barbed wire while increasing the height of the fence.

This is no time for games of softness or socialist government fantasies. Has one seen the aggressive male migrants from Morocco? They are like an invading army.…/irregular-migration…/amp/