The ‘invisible’ migrants of N. Macedonia…and visible incompetence of EU Frontex.

The ‘invisible’ migrants of N. Macedonia…and visible incompetence of EU Frontex.

The ‘invisible’ migrants of N. Macedonia…and visible incompetence of EU Frontex.

– 2019: Migrant support groups estimate that from the beginning of this year, almost 50,000 migrants crossed North Macedonia to reach Serbia.

Between the Tabanovce camp in the north and the other migrant camp in the south, at the border with Greece, fewer than 30 migrants are held. It is in stark contrast to the situation of the camps in neighboring Greece and Serbia, which are overcrowded.

Why? Amid the apparent calm, tens of thousands of migrants traveled this year from Greece to Serbia via North Macedonia, but most of them were “invisible” – not showing up in official figures. This is because they are cogs in a migrant smuggling business worth millions of dollars.

* Well flashback to October 2018, the V4 Report posted this: 👇

Watch Out! Here comes Dimitris Avramopoulos and Frontex.

Back then, agreements with Frontex were signed with Serbia, Albania and Macedonia.

The agreement, said the pro-migration Minister at the time (Avramopoulos), will enable to deploy Frontex units in Serbia to operate alongside local border officers.

”This will contribute to strengthen the security of the EU’s external borders and to better confront the problem of irregular immigration”, observed Avramopoulos, stressing that it was similar to agreements signed with Albania in February and Macedonia in July.

“I want to be clear”, he observed. “Frontex contingents will support and work with national border guards but they will not replace them”.

** The V4 Report was not impressed at the time as we wrote: “Whatever you say Dimitris. Frontex may not replace them but will be sure to handcuff them with politically-correct “EU regulations” that will prevent national border police from properly securing the borders.”

Interesting 🤔. How did Frontex perform? 🤫

In 2016, Macedonia was criticized by the EU/UN networks for stopping the aggressive male migrants at the border. One remembers the scenes with violent migrants pelting border guards with stones. 👇

Macedonia Border Violence; A Preview of Merkel Vision

Since then, a regime change occurred in Macedonia (now referred to as N. Macedonia) and then Frontex got involved with border management in July of 2018.

Obviously, things have changed and “50,000 migrants crossed North Macedonia to reach Serbia this year.”

Frontex in action 🙈😉. The agency is nothing more than a useless prop designed to deceive the public that Brussels is sealing the borders.

When Frontex arrives (Greece), prepare for more migrants. This is exactly why Matteo Salvini basically kicked them out of Italy.