The Istanbul Convention and its “gender ideology” theories.

The Istanbul Convention and its “gender ideology” theories.

The Istanbul Convention and its “gender ideology” theories.

Where does the madness end? It doesn’t.

In response to the V4 Report’s editorial, a reader responded: “Who is playing God with other people’s lives here? We should be free to decide who and what we are, or want to be, or love or marry or whatever. Humans are complicated. Deal with that.”

Well, first off, they may want to present their opening question to someone else, particularly those promoting these gender theories to young children. They may even ask why some in government want to assume the role of a parent to somebody’s child?

Secondly, it is not the V4 Report playing God. We do not have the capability of determining someone’s biological sex (we have yet to meet a human that does), nor do we desire to have any say with the personal decisions of others or to interfere with a parent’s role in raising their child. Maybe others should respect this as well.

However, these gender activists are not about freedom, but forcing their agendas on others via the chains of government or global conventions.

Decades ago, we remember gay activists lobbying to keep government out of the bedrooms. Today, these same activists want the government to promote their lifestyle choices in the schools and every public square arena.

It is they who are trying to play God. Today, they are trying to present their misguided theories as science and utilizing the power of government institutions to force others to accept these theories. Who wants this type of nonsense promoted to their children in the schools or any other environment?

Where does the madness end? It doesn’t.

For example, in one of several cases (see below), a transgender male competed in and won gold in a “women’s championship”….and then had the audacity to brag about it.

This was a biological male competing against females. How tarnished is that gold medal? Despite the bragging afterwards, many viewed this “victory” as hollow, tainted and illegitimate. Many others remain silent over the fear of being labeled a bigot or whatever other names one can think up.

Indeed, the so-called gold medalist was quick to label critics as “transphobic bigots”, and tried to smear those not seeing “the light” with baseless quotes full of distortions, threats and misleading comparisons. He even threatened to sue one of the female participants who objected.

Freedom? If transgenders want to have their own races, so be it, few would get in their way. Let them organize the Transgender Olympics so biological females are free to compete against each other without facing opponents using steroids (wrestling case in Texas) or biological males.

Nobody is preventing them from sanctioning their own races, or being “free to decide who they are”. However, one should not be so full of themselves to ruin women’s athletics for their own personal vanity. There is a virtue called sportsmanship.

In this case, females are considered mere pawns of the transgender experiment and can be discarded and sacrificed as collateral damage in the name of “tolerance” and “human rights”.

This is what happens when society buckles from the pressure of political correctness and refuses to explain to a person that the world does not revolve around them. It is called cowardice masquerading as tolerance. Sometimes, society must say NO.

As a result, anything, including the destruction of female athletics, is tolerated under an agenda at war with human nature and science.

Do these activists ever think beyond themselves?

Many who claim to want freedom of expression are also quite intolerant of those who hold a different view. They will even seek to prosecute and silence those who object to their opinions.

The new Cultural Marxism and the continued drive towards the bottom…such enlightenment. ?