The Manchurian candidate? That was some tough competition in the EU Parliament yesterday. 😂👌

The Manchurian candidate? That was some tough competition in the EU Parliament yesterday. 😂👌
The Manchurian candidate? That was some tough competition in the EU Parliament yesterday. 😂👌
* Another ‘Show’ election for EU Parliament president.
Only the outcome was known in advance and actually determined in 2019…after a political deal behind closed doors was made between the Socialists, EPP and Guy Verhofstadt’s Renew Europe party.
If one has not noticed by now, this EU Grand Coalition (all three groups are EU federalists at slightly different speeds) works together to sideline conservative nationalists in the EU.
** Malta’s Roberta Metsola (another one of Donald Tusk’s EPP fake conservatives) was ‘elected’ as the new president of the EU Parliament.
Metsola is almost as self-absorbed as Manfred Weber…and probably is vain enough to think this was all about her.
She received 74% of the vote, almost as high as Putin’s 77% in his last election. 🤔
*** What really happened behind closed doors?
Let’s go back to Macron’s deal made in 2019 after he achieved almost everything he wanted (especially Von der Leyen) at the EU Summit.
👉 2019 EP presidential election: Renew Europe and the EPP Party refused to even field candidates and agreed to cluster their votes to make sure that an obscure Sassoli (the Socialist candidate and recently deceased, RIP) was easily elected as EP president.
This was strange and smelled bad from the onset, given that these three parties (largest in EU) are supposed to be ‘fierce competitors’.
👉 2022 so-called election: In return, it was agreed and predetermined that the Socialists and Renew Europe parties would not field candidates to compete in this year’s election in order to cluster their votes in favor of the EPP’s chosen puppet, which was the ‘brown-noser’ Metsola.
So there you have it, the only other two candidates were from some obscure far-left party and a woke Green candidate; hence, the show competition and predetermined results…EU-style.
This we expected from the EU establishment, but rumor has it (not confirmed yet) that even the ECR Group dropped its candidate at the last moment to try to get in on the ‘politically-correct’ side, just as some erroneously supported and trusted Von der Leyen in 2019.
Will National conservatives ever learn that this strategy always backfires. Vera Jourova was Czech, so she could be trusted right? And Von der Leyen understood Central Europe, we were told. 😉👌
Metsola, a true believer that Frontex actually defends the border, is already talking about this rule of law scheme and her LBGT manifesto.
Yes, the EU Parliament president is somewhat of a figurehead with no real authority but this is further proof that the EU is headed in the wrong direction and is incapable not only of change, but also of offering any type of quality leadership free of the groupthink mentality of Brussels.
**** The V4 Report is having a bad week 😉…first Berlusconi (and his bright, white teeth) in Italy and now Metsola in Brussels. 🎭
How low can things go?