The Merkel-Seehofer show continues in Germany.

The Merkel-Seehofer show continues in Germany.

The Merkel-Seehofer show continues in Germany.

Germany headed in the wrong direction again as both voluntary returns and deportations drop.

The will is lacking.

– Quite honestly, there was not much room to fall, given that the number of deportations have been very insignificant, considering that well over 1,000,000 migrants entered Germany.

The number of forced returns fell from 23,966 in 2017 to 23,617 in 2018. At this rate – with “family reunification” yet to hit full stride – well, let’s just say that Germany will continue to have issues.

Moreover, where were most of the migrants deported? Africa or the Middle East? No, the main groups to be deported last year were Albanians, followed by migrants from Serbia and Kosovo. 1,108 migrants were also forcibly sent back to Georgia. It seems deporting migrants back to Africa and the Middle East are not priorities for Germany.

Many of these deportation cases failed while in progress and had to be abandoned. In more than 1,630 cases, the deportees resisted – mostly Nigerians, Somalis and Syrians, according to KNA.

In over 500 cases, the airline company or crew refused to participate in deportations. Some returns were stopped on ‘medical grounds’ and in 15 cases, the receiving country said it would not accept the returnees.

At the end of 2018, just under 236,000 people in Germany had “removal orders,” but 180,124 of those were given a suspension on ‘humanitarian’ grounds.

* As usual, there is much tough talk in Germany, particularly from Seehofer and the CSU/EPP faction, but little action or results.

Yes, there are factors that make deportations difficult, which is why it is best to deny entry from the start, but none more defeating than the lack of will and courage from the Grand Coalition – which remains “on their knees”.