The migrant mayhem continues. The game is rigged.

The migrant mayhem continues. The game is rigged.

The migrant mayhem continues. The game is rigged.

Another group of around 90 illegal immigrants, the majority of whom are from Bangladesh, were placed on a merchant ship Marina. According to the latest developments, they are still on board this ship which is located near Lampedusa.

At this point, it is chaos and the stories are confusing with multiple attempted transfers involved, but the new target of the NGO traffickers seem to be helpless merchant ships. 👇

Migrant trafficking back again, probably with new schemes

FYI: The above article is an absolute read and we included its quotes below which nails the entire situation of these orchestrated ‘rescues’…which are nothing more than the dirty business of human trafficking.

Regardless, the ultimate outcome can probably be predicted. Despite the ‘closed ports’ rhetoric, we do not believe the illegals will be sent back to their countries of origin; instead, once quarantine measures are complete, we suspect they will eventually be disembarked and relocated to others in the EU. (Call me Captain Obvious 😂.)

Always grand proposals are made by Germany, the EU Commission and opportunist EU parties looking for applause, but the result is always more migrants and always resettlement somewhere in the EU.

It’s the same old Merkel/EPP bait of chasing smugglers (futile if migrants allowed to stay), seeking third/party agreements for returns that rarely if ever materialize and ‘managing’ borders while cherishing those sacred EU fundamental values of self-destruction.

There is even a new twist indicating that solidarity can involve different forms of support…like what, extra payments to support states that take in the illegals? Sorry, but any form of solidarity that supports relocating illegals to the EU is directly facilitating and encouraging illegal migration.

It’s all rather boring by now, but this narrative is hardly challenged for its lack of substance and fact that the same people have been promising the same things for years while Europe is overwhelmed into submission as the establishment slowly commits the EU to mass migration.

Returns, closed ports my arse…under this regime in Brussels, the migrants are here to stay.

** We recommend the article from the Maritime and Crimean Shipping News Human 👉:

“traffickers are in constant search of new ways and schemes. Involving merchant ships may be one of the options. Say, a boat with migrants sails from Libya out to Med, while NGO is busily searching for merchant ships nearby. When found, NGO alerts boat, boat sends “distress signal”, NGO connects MRCC and demands SAR, MRCC orders merchant ship or ships to respond, and here we are – migrants are delivered to Europe.”

“Merchant ships can’t openly defy MRCC orders, the potential punishments are very severe, up to prison terms. The owners and the crews are left alone with this problem, which may remain minor, or may develop into a big one, speaking about central Med.”

“Who’s responsible for all the negative consequences which are already taking place? Or for possible tragedy? Nobody is responsible except owner and crew. Not MRCC Malta, not NGO Alert Phone, not the EU, and not of course, the UN General Secretary, who prior to his present post, was one of the main architects of this mass migration project.”

“Who’s to stand up for merchant shipping and innocent civilian crews, and demand merchant ships to be kept out of mass migration dirty business, and so-called “rescue operations”? Certainly, not maritime organizations, because it’s not “politically correct”, and in general, it is something of absolutely no interest for them. They’re at their best in honking, not in anything helpful.”

“With all that said, one must always keep in mind, that “migrants rescue” and their “distress situations” have nothing to do with so-called Law of the Sea. It’s a sham, a staged “disaster”, and be there any Law left, migrants should be tried for it, because it’s endangering other, innocent, people. Be there any Law, organizers of mass human trafficking should be in jail, long ago, not in high places they occupy now.”

Migrant trafficking back again, probably with new schemes