The misguided view from France.

The misguided view from France.

The misguided view from France.

Macron’s European minister Amelie de Montchalin is new and full of delusions of grandeur. She wants the EU to ‘manage’ migration in a responsible manner to achieve – you guessed it – “solidarity”.

Macron, as always, is preparing major reforms to increase the powers of Brussels. Revitalized at the EU Summit, Macron will have to be put back in his place…governing France, not Europe.

– de Montchalin criticized “dangerous” populist movements springing up across Europe. This is another one of those standard slogans in an effort to demonize the mainstream leaders who oppose mass migration.

In an interview with the Financial Times, de Montchalin said EU states need to be on the same page when it comes to immigration policy and accept their fair share of migrants arriving on Europe’s shores.

“Immigration is not about being hard or being soft – it’s about being responsible and showing solidarity…Being responsible in having frontiers and borders which are controlled, which are not fences, but which are controlled to organise to know who is coming to Europe.” 🤔🤨

She continued: “And then to show solidarity because the migration flows cannot be only dealt with and managed by the countries of first entry.”

“We cannot let only Spain, Italy, Malta and Cyrus to deal with migration because, if we do so, we create opportunities for populist movements… because if not managed and organised with solidarity and responsibility, this will lead to very dangerous ideas.”

* Bottom line? For de Montchalin, it’s not about stopping illegal migrants… but combating those who defend the integrity of the European nation state.