The soap opera in Malta continues…

The soap opera in Malta continues…

The soap opera in Malta continues…

After pushing solutions to relocate illegal immigrants to others in the EU, PM Robert Abela now says, “The basic point is that relocation isn’t the solution. The solution is at Libya’s shores.” The problem will not be solved, he said “[unless] we go to the source – Libya and other African countries.”

🤔 Maybe, he finally realized how the cycle of the relocation magnet works…it’s akin to chasing one’s own tail.

If the illegals are relocated across the EU, Malta would still wake up the next day with the same problems…more “rescued” illegals looking for entry.

The smugglers know the game; if the migrants reach their destination and are not sent back, the demand will continue.

Why do we constantly have to hear worn-out EU slogans about some magic potion of building up the source (Africa) to stop this wave when that could take decades at best?

Australia is not perfect (especially in regards to immigration by land) but it successfully cut the demand by sea and eradicated the smuggling cartels by preventing entry and swiftly sending the illegals elsewhere.

The EU can keep offering nonsense (Frontex, combating smugglers, Marshall Plan for Africa) but Europe will not cut the demand unless they swiftly deport the illegals and migrants back to their countries of origin or ‘rescue’ them back to a safe port in Africa. Breaking the will (swift returns) of the illegals is the only way to cut the demand.

Malta’s PM also threw out some outlandish claims that illustrates that he does not quite get the situation yet, claiming that if it was not for Malta, all migrants saved in the past would otherwise have drowned.

C’mon, that’s quite the statement considering there were no mass drownings at sea in Australia despite its refusal to grant entry and no tolerance approach at sea.

Moreover, PM Abela, despite claiming relocation is not the solution, is actually still for relocation: “There are 4,000 migrants in Malta – 1% of the population – while other countries are unperturbed.”

That’s quite true…and the people of Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia want to keep it this way. The V4 states do not want the illegals but they cannot decide who Malta grants entry to at the border…and neither can the government of Malta decide who enters the V4.

Which begs the question…how many illegals, that 1% of the population, has Malta deported back to Africa or the Middle East?

In the meantime, while they are waiting for an economic miracle in Africa or stability in Libya, the government of Malta would be wise to focus on deportations outside of Europe.

The overwhelming majority of illegals that set off from Libya are not Libyans. It is used as a strategic gathering center in the systematic operation of human trafficking. True rescues also involve returning people safely back home.

** FYI: The opposition in Malta (EPP Party, especially the two pictured below) is not the solution either and also advocate the ‘rescue and relocation’ schemes. In fact, by masquerading as ‘nationalists’, it only hinders the emergence of a legitimate national conservative force.