The “stay game”: Afghans invent new game in attempt to enter Croatia.

The “stay game”:  Afghans invent new game in attempt to enter Croatia.

The “stay game”: Afghans invent a new game in an attempt to enter Croatia.
The original “game” involved aggressive male illegals trying to enter Croatia undetected before moving on to richer EU states.

Now, an alternative scheme has been launched:
👉 A “stay game” has two parts. First, the wives and children leave the fathers behind in Bosnia and cross into Croatia alone, where, due to their sex and age they judge they will be less likely to be pushed back. Once they register in the camp, they send the fathers a picture of their camp identification cards, proving they have asylum-seeker status in Croatia.
Then, the fathers attempt to follow. Traveling in small groups and carrying nothing more than a backpack of clothes and a print-out of the Croatian camp IDs, their marriage certificates, and sometimes a family photo, the fathers cross into Croatia – and attempt to “stay”.
Unlike most “games”, where asylum-seekers try to move undetected, these fathers want to be found.
Once the authorities arrive, the fathers say they repeat the same line in English: “I am a refugee. My wife and children are in the Zagreb camp. Please take me to them.” In doing so, they hope that they will be lucky enough to find a kind-hearted officer who will help them. 👈

Since 2015, the EU has been overwhelmed. Unless Europe robustly commits to deporting illegals out of Europe en masse, it’s ‘game over.
The demographics in the West EU bloc are already alarming. No member state will be exempt from the carnage associated with membership in this multicult project

This type of pace, where arrivals far surpass departures, is simply not sustainable and will altar the identity of Europe.
Unfortunately, the V4 Report does not believe defending Europe is possible under the stewardship of the EU, which has exacerbated the crisis and committed the bloc to multicult and mass migration.

The goal of the EU is not to stop this invasion but to prevent the emergence of forces on the right that will.
Perhaps those who cling to EU membership must fear change (which is often healthy) more than a slow death itself.
Collective security?