The turning point for Greece?

The turning point for Greece?

The turning point for Greece?

“Don’t come to Greece” was the prime minister’s message to those not entitled to international protection as refugees.

“I want to send a clear message to those not entitled to asylum, who nevertheless choose to come to our country. Don’t come because the route on which the traffickers are leading you, for which you pay them handsomely, does not lead to the Greek mainland and ultimately to Europe. It stops on the islands and from there starts the road of your return,” underlined PM Mitsotakis.

* The V4 Report wishes Greece the best, but two factors could determine the outcome of this statement.

1. Those not entitled to asylum will still come, knowing full well the challenges faced by all of Europe, including Greece, of deporting the migrants outside of Europe.

Europe must devise a new approach and attitude that does not rely on a foreign nation’s approval first before deporting the migrants back to their countries of origin.

Sure, they can first seek an agreement based on normal diplomacy, but it is the obligation of the country of origin to take back their citizens, and if they balk or give unreasonable demands, Europe should send them back regardless. It would then be up to the country of origin to decide what to do with their citizens once returned. All foreign aid (from all member states in true solidarity) and any privileges should be linked to swift cooperation in this regards.

For instance, President Erdogan of Turkey does not ask permission of President Macron to send back the ‘home-grown” French jihadists; he just sends them back as he should…they are not Turkish citizens. Europe should do the same.

Europe needs to get tougher regarding returns; it cannot rely on “good will”, as a Socialist EU Minister from Spain naively suggested.

2. The Greek government must become stricter in regards to defining who can apply for asylum in Greece. For instance, Turkey is considered a safe country and any “refugee” who leaves Turkey for Europe is no longer a refugee but an economic migrant that must be sent back to Turkey to apply for asylum there.

There are far too many illegals applying for asylum in Greece that must be immediately sent back to Turkey. Very few (if any) non-Turkish migrants should be eligible to apply for asylum in Greece. If this is established and the illegal migrants are swiftly sent back, this message would go a long way to discouraging other migrants from trying to enter Greece.

** In addition, the EU Commission, France, Germany, Finland and others must cease their counterproductive behavior of resettling migrants from Greece. This is very problematic and only encourages more migrants to seek Europe.

This is how one puts the smugglers and NGO traffickers out of business.

*** The bottom-line in Greece will be the results. If not followed through with concrete action, the islands will indeed morph into a giant migrant camp and more civil unrest will follow.

The Greeks are rightfully protesting today because they do not believe the Greek government will deport the migrants from these camps in their neighborhoods.

In fact, few in Europe want these aggressive male migrants from alien cultures roaming the streets. Either the EU will understand this and cease with a strategy focused on relocation (shifting to mass deportations) or the EU project eventually will crash and burn.