The V4 Report just landed in Prague.

The V4 Report just landed in Prague.

The V4 Report just landed in Prague.

Of course, I was greeted with the news that a committed EU federalist from Angela Merkel’s inner circle of Berlin was selected as the next EU President.

That was about as good as the airport coffee.😖

Ursula von der Leyen once said, “My goal is the United States of Europe – based on the model of the federal states of Switzerland, Germany or the US”.

Don’t misread me, it was great that Visegrád and others rejected Frans Timmermans but I don’t consider an ultra-EU federalist from Germany’s Grand Coalition as a “victory”, unless one is willing to significantly lower the bar.

She is also into this whole EU Army concept…and the state of the German military is an embarrassment.

That there were really no viable candidates considered for Central Europe is not by coincidence. The culture of Brussels, and the West EU bloc which dominates the EU, seems alien to Visegrád and CE. It’s just not a fit. We will be hearing more of the UN-EU rhetoric on “safe and regular” migration, plus more resettlement schemes. Michel, who is replacing Donald Tusk, suggested just six months ago that Visegrad should be ousted from Schengen over its refusal to accept the migrant quotas.

Belgian PM suggests Visegrad countries should be ousted from Schengen

All four of the top positions went to EU federalists from the Western bloc, all advocates of “more EU”…and Timmermans will still be involved as one of the highest ranking vice presidents in the new Commission, according to Tusk. Who doubts that the Article 7 procedures, which many in the EPP supported, will suddenly disappear.

The ‘new’ EU Dream Team has some very familiar globalists:

Ursula von der Leyen: Germany, CDU.
Charles Michel: Belgium, Renew Europe.
Josep Borrell: Spain, Socialist.
Christine Lagarde: France, EPP.

From here, a version of Germany’s Grand Coalition on steroids (Merkel “conservatives”, socialists, Macron-Verhofstadt liberals and Greens) will emerge to dominate the EU, isolating those on the right to the sidelines.

Who still thinks the EU can be changed from within?

The V4 Report will go back to its original thought from months ago. Any positive change will first have to start with the emergence of a new, legitimate Centre-right party (Orban, Poland, Visegrad and other conservatives of CE) to challenge the EPP, and to work with Salvini’s group on the right.

Right now, the odds are stacked against Central Europe. Something must drastically change or Brussels will just keep expanding its scope and power until it’s too late.

Germany and France have expanded their base.