There he goes again: Super EU federalist, Guy Verhofstadt, calls for an EU army.

There he goes again: Super EU federalist, Guy Verhofstadt, calls for an EU army.

A command post in Brussels with troops at the ready? Good grief, they will shoot their own eyes out…or worse yet, they may end up marching in Poland and Hungary.

– The Belgian charlatan took to Twitter to urge the EU to consider having an army as a “European pillar of NATO”. His comments come after Donald Trump called for thousands of troops to return from Germany.

Were they expected to stay in Germany forever? Things change, Germany has antifa to protect them now. 🤨

We believe Verhofstadt is looking for another excuse to push for his vision of a federal Europe. Of course, he became so unglued that he even threw out the Russian card: “A big win for Putin.”

However, a senior US administration official said as that the “troops would be sent elsewhere, some to Poland, some to other allied countries, while some would return home. There [is] less need for the large contingent in Germany due to overall increased defense spending by the US-led NATO military alliance.”

Yes, some win for Putin 😂.

– Since posting the tweet, Verhofstadt was blasted online by the likes of UK based think tank, the Bruges Group, which claimed the UK “escaped just in time”.

“Predictably, Guy is still after a European Army. As Federalists continue to push for members states to be stripped of their remaining facets of sovereignty, it is clear that we escaped just in time.”

This is not the first time Verhofstadt has called for an EU army.

In 2019, Verhofstadt demanded a EU army be created due to President Donald Trump as the US leader is “not reliable”.

He wrote on Twitter: “Since Trump became President, the US is not a reliable ally anymore. High time for a European Army to take matters in our own hands.”

Back in 2018, the former Prime Minister of Belgium attacked the EU arguing an army is needed.

Describing the attacks on Syria: “This intervention is fully justified. That said this intervention also demonstrates our weakness.”

“France and the United Kingdom launch missiles. Not the European Union as a whole.” (Imagine that, Brussels launching missiles.)

“65 years after the National Assembly torpedoed the European Defence Community, a European army still does not exist,” said Verhofstadt.

* Yes and may the nation states keep it this way.