There is a big difference between Europe and the institution called the EU.

There is a big difference between Europe and the institution called the EU.

There is a big difference between Europe and the institution called the EU.

The media and many Eurocrats have a hard time accepting this reality.

How did this article come up with this misleading title? They point out that the PiS convention was held under the slogan “Poland Heart of Europe” and Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said “we are the beating heart of Europe” and that “today we inspire Europe.”

Well, yes Poland is the heart of Europe, but we do not see any banners proclaiming the EU superstate as the heart of Europe.

* There is no doubt that the V4 Report has been disappointed with some of the recent decisions of the government in Poland. We do not think they should be making concessions to Brussels regarding judicial reform.

We also believe that fresh competition from some of the more nationalistic parties is a healthy development and can only help keep the PiS on track.

However, in our opinion, we do not see the PiS embracing EU solidarity or abandoning its base. They are just too strong and have been very reliable on key issues for us to think otherwise.

** The media propaganda is a desperate reach. Clearly, PM Morawiecki is not endorsing an EU superstate or the philosophy of Emmanuel Macron.

In an interview with Le Figaro this week, Mateusz Morawiecki told the French newspaper that their president’s vision of a Brussels-run federal EU superstate is “far from what the peoples [of Europe] desire” and is “detached from reality”.

“There is no doubt that we see the future of Europe differently … We have to return to the Europe of nations [model] which respects the interests of all of its members,” insisted the prime minister.

Acknowledging the existence of a number of “misunderstandings” between Poland and France, the Law and Justice (PiS) premier suggested that Macron’s having “offended the countries of eastern and central Europe” with his repeated attacks on nationalism, was rooted in the western states not having experienced decades of “enslavement” under Communism.

The Poles are “realists”, and as such recognise that “the differences of languages and of interests on the continent mean that we will never be able to become the United States of Europe”, Morawiecki said, asserting that the “universal European values” spoken of by proponents of a federal EU do not exist.

*** This does not mean we believe Morawiecki is perfect. After a very strong start, he seems to be fading a little as if he has to charm the moderate voters. This never works out well.

The PiS will not attract the Left, regardless of any concessions to the EU. We see this with the EU’s reaction to Poland’s judicial reforms. They will always demand more.

Instead, they must solidify their base and remember the boldness that prevailed them to victory in 2015.

That boldness had nothing to do with the EU…but everything to do with the sovereignty and integrity of Poland and the European nation state.

While certain surveys say that most Poles want to remain in the EU (for now), they certainly do not want to be dominated by Berlin, Paris or Brussels.

Donald Tusk and the Civic Platform cannot defeat the PiS by campaigning for more ‘EU values’, which now include LGBTIQ themes such as lesbianism, homosexuality, bisexuality, transgenderism, intersexuality, or an experimental “questioning” approach to sexuality.

However, the PiS cannot become complacent either. They need their base much more than the approval of Frans Timmermans.