No wonder the Times of Malta wants Viktor Orban silenced

No wonder the Times of Malta wants Viktor Orban silenced
This is interesting…and from the Times of Malta, which did not exactly provide the full details.
No wonder the Times of Malta wants Viktor Orban silenced. The EU seems to have an official religion now.
Cyrus Engerer from Malta leads the MEP charge in condemning Hungary’s anti-pedophilia law, which forbids the promotion of homosexuality to children in schools.
Labour MEP to pilot resolution calling for EU legal proceedings against Hungary.
The last time Hungary was investigated it was some Dutch Judy, a radical leftist Green with an extreme bitterness towards Hungary.
Who is this guy and what makes him believe Hungarian parents want his or the EU Parliaments’ input involving what’s best for their children?
It’s a long read from seven years ago, but it provides more details about who is ‘investigating’ Hungary. As usual, we doubt these proceedings will be fair or impartial towards Orban and Hungary.
One can come to their own conclusions about this whole spectacle and what seems to be an EU obsession with rainbow ideology. One guesses they believe heterosexuality is oppressive and “privileged”.
Malta Independent 8 May 2014: Labour MEP candidate Cyrus Engerer was given a two-year jail sentence, suspended for two years, for distributing pornographic material.
The sentence was handed down by Mr. Justice Michael Mallia, in the criminal appeals court, following an appeal by the attorney general to a Magistrate’s court acquittal on the ground of lack of sufficient proof that Engerer had offended his partner, Marvin Camilleri.
 This was just a short quote from the article and we encourage one to read it in its entirety.
Again, adults can choose their lifestyle, but this involves a law in Hungary pertaining to protecting children…not pushing the woke agenda of MEPs in Brussels.
In the meantime, the EU has embraced cultural Marxism as its faith. All member states will be required to submit.
Why would any self-respecting nation want to be associated with the EU project? To put it bluntly, It’s ‘fn’ embarrassing and a disgrace to Europe.