This law will not only change Germany forever but will have negative impact on every EU state.

This law will not only change Germany forever but will have negative impact on every EU state.
This law will not only change Germany forever but will have negative impact on every EU state.
Maybe EU neocons can keep blaming Putin (utter nonsense) for Germany’s obsession with luring more illegals and a woke EU that refuses to defend borders with pushbacks.
It’s the illegals (coupled with weak EU policies) who not only enable the smugglers but also enable the Erdogan’s (🤫 he’s NATO golden child), Lukashenko’s and leaders of Africa.
Germany is cooked (it’s over 👉 Germany a ‘Little Turkey’ now) but eventually so is every nation state that continues to freely remain as a ‘member’ state, aligned inside a woke union with Germany, Sweden, Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Spain, Portugal, Finland, Ireland and Luxembourg.
Good luck. 😒
Problem 👉 eventually all these illegals from alien cultures (a soft amnesty already happening) will get voting rights/free movement. Add in millions of illegals from alien cultures since 2015, plus the multiplication effect (and Europe’s declining birth rate) and bogus family reunification, and EVERY MEMBER state will suffer consequences.
They will be overwhelmed.
Long term, it’s impossible to defend one’s culture and way of life while a member of EU; demographics will eventually swallow up all of EU, and the multicult project was allowed to acquire too much power to be reformed.
* From migration, sovereignty, censorship, meddling in elections, woke EU values and a bankrupt and laughable foreign policy, the EU is an embarrassment and not an institution to be associated with. It’s even being polluted with neocon influences now, especially in the EPP Party.
Even more pathetic may be the EU neocon rhetoric that tries to blame Putin or some other convenient bogeyman to try to hide the real problem: EU weakness on migration. Merkel and Brussels set the precedent in 2015 and too many blindly followed her. But it’s all Putin’s fault they claim, as if the aggressive males from alien cultures are just mere, innocent victims.
We are neither fans nor obsessed neocon critics (looking for think tank funding) of Putin, but the hordes of illegals, who the EU allows to stay, have enabled the Erdogan’s, Lukashenko’s and leaders of Africa to use the illegals as weapons.
Such horse manure that NATO’s Erdogan – who destabilized Syria with his Sunni jihadist allies – can send over millions (and get rewarded with euros) of illegals, but is considered an ally. It was different then, the EU says.
Poland (unlike Greece 2015) provided the right action to deny entry at border, but the hybrid war stuff is over the top, especially when many were silent while surrendering borders in 2015 and being abused by NATO’s “golden boy” Erdogan. The Sunni leader of the Islamic state of Turkey sent millions, not thousands…but Turkey is NATO member. 🤫.
THIS WAR started years ago when Merkel and Germany lured the illegals worldwide to the promised land. Even today, Germany pushes more policies to lure more illegals. 🙄
Erdogan and his Muslim Brotherhood allies have to be very happy….soon they will own Germany and eventually the EU.