Three of the six cases involved Frontex ships

Three of the six cases involved Frontex ships.

That’s why Salvini basically (Germany says purposely) forced the EU to cease the maritime patrols of Operation Sophia that transferred thousands of migrants to Italy.

– Six boats so far today in Greece…”no breakdown available” likely means all adult males. 🤨🤫

A sure sign of a pro-migration politician that wants to deceive the public is one that pontificates about strengthening Frontex to better control the borders. This is the jargon of Macron, von der Leyen, Verhofstadt and even Avramopoulos.

* The opposition on the right in Europe needs a reawakening in order to regroup to develop a new game plan. A super-sized version of Germany’s Grand Coalition has established roots in Brussels.

It’s time for battle.