Time to ground the NGO traffickers wreaking havoc on Europe

Time to ground the NGO traffickers wreaking havoc on Europe

July 9, 2017

* Below is a quote directly from an Amnesty International Report that basically confirms what many of us have been saying about the NGO “trafficking” activities in the Mediterranean.

{ “Partly in response to EU-led efforts to disrupt their activities, smugglers in Libya have been loading more people onto boats of a lesser quality, mostly inflatable rubber ones, with insufficient fuel, no lifejackets or other safety features, and often with no means to call for help, such as a satellite phone.

“These boats have virtually no chance of reaching European coasts by themselves and they are in need of rescue from the moment they depart,” the report continued. }

– Does Amnesty not see the link between the deeper penetration by NGO vessels towards the Libyan coast and “boats in need of rescue from the moment they depart”?

– We would beg to disagree with the open-border pimps at Amnesty. The report itself says Mediterranean activity is up 14%. How can EU-led efforts to disrupt the smugglers, which is weak or non-existent, lead to an “increase” in the activity of the smugglers and the migrant flow in the Med? We believe the statement in the report is false, for if the EU was truly “disrupting” the efforts of smugglers, the numbers would be down, not up.

– We believe something else has contributed to the increased activity of the smugglers, the change in their transfer methods, and the rise in the number of migrants flowing to Italy. It is the reckless actions of the NGO vessels that have increased the demand for Italy and the deaths at sea.

– The smuggles, enriching themselves with huge profits, are following the lead of the NGOs. They know these ships are sailing closer and closer to Libya to pick up the migrants; as a result, they have picked up their activity and adjusted their methods to get as many migrants out to sea as possible. Due to the aggressive actions of the NGOs, the smugglers have adapted their business model to produce “ships that are in need of rescue the moment they depart”.

– The NGOs are enabling the smugglers and the open border in Italy is a magnet for the migrants. The “rescue game” being played between the smugglers and NGOs has turned Libya into a “gathering center” for migrants worldwide to seek their one-way ticket to Europe.

– What the international NGO “activists” are practicing in the Mediterranean is not an act of humanity, but a scandalous operation of pure negligence that sacrifices Europeans and others at the altar of their open-border theology.

The leaders of the V4 and other nation states must make it clear to the governments in Italy and Brussels that the NGOs must be grounded. There is no other choice. Instead of blaming the V4 nations, we suggest the Foreign Minister of Italy starts taking the responsibly to secure his border by clearing out the “activists” wreaking havoc on Europe.